Practice your favorite sports
while being rewarded

Custom built according to your habits

TraceX was created and tested by people like you in order to meet all of your needs and all of your highest requirements. We are more than a simple platform, we are a lifestyle.


Follow a route that you have created or use one in the Hotspot section to finish you run in a popular place nearby. Check out the list of events on our platform to meet other runners.


Create your own workouts with the help of a directory of more than 500 exercises or get programs from a professional on our market authorized by our team.


Complete your itineraries and keep track of the hotspots so that the popular places are not missed. Check out the enlisted events on our platform to meet other cyclists.

hotspots near you

Discover many hotspots near you in the Greater Montreal area to make your physical activities more pleasant and more motivating.

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